The roots of Abrasiv Muta company go back to the 16th century. The history of Muta Factory started 400 years ago with the production of agricultural tools. Muta Factory’s rapid development and natural conditions enabled the company to extend its activities into the field of casting. In the old foundry iron alloy was produced in a cupola furnace and this paved the way for the production of chilled iron abrasives after 1950.
With the production of steel abrasives the Muta Factory company became the elite company in the former Yugoslavia and the Balkans.
The growing requirements of the market influenced the increase of production and this was the main reason for the formation of a new company in 1973 which specialised in the production of HIGH-CARBON HEAT TREATED STEEL ABRASIVES.
Some years later we extended our production programme with stainless steel abrasives. The company’s growth from 1973 to 1989 was exceptional. In 1973 we produced 1.500 tons and in 1989 already 15.000 tons of high-carbon abrasives.
The growth of production capacities has been followed by the growth of product quality.




Abrasiv Muta is a medium-sized company, specialised in the production of high- carbon heat treated steel abrasives and the production of stainless abrasives. High-carbon heat treated steel abrasives conform to standards SAE, DIN8201 and EN ISO 11124-3.
A modern and environmentally friendly production process provides our customers with top quality products.
Quality at all stages of production and customer satisfaction are our main motto. In 1995 we were certified for the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001. Nowadays our brand name ABRASIV Muta has been well recognised all over Europe. Besides top quality products our customers are provided with technical support in the use of our products. Our goal is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


High-carbon heat treated steel abrasives

Steel abrasives are produced with supereutectoid medium alloy steel.
The percentage of sulphur, phosphorus and chromium content is low.
Abrasives are heat treated, applying the most modern procedure.
Micro structure of steel high-carbon heat treated abrasives is a fine homogeneous martensite.
Abrasives are produced in round and angular form.